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"Hulda is a creative and intuitive designer, who helped me to create an individually striking brand for Walker Wellness, that works in both South Africa and Australia." -Helen Walker (Walker Wellness)

"Conceptual Design is one of the few suppliers we have had over the past 8 years who deliver consistent quality on time. We love the professionalism of the company as well as the high quality work." - Kerryne Neufeldt (eyeSlices)

“Hulda has never failed to make a plan when I frantically call on her to make an urgent design for me and quality is never compromised." - Danuta Sosnowski (Pan MacMillan)

"Conceptual Design stretches creativity from one continuum to the next with it’s out of the box way of thinking. If you’re looking for a vivid representation of your ideas, Conceptual Designs is the place to go." - Marco Mogable (Phd Media)

“Your designs were very well received by the whole team - they were very impressed. Thank you once again for an impressive piece of work.” - Andri Hugo (CONTINUUM)

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“If you need a person with a sixth sense for layout, and who can visualise what you want and will walk an extra mile with you - use CDesign.” - Lanette Hatting (Brainwave Projects)

“Conceptual Design created a solid brand integrity and a beautiful creative holding space to market my product. Hulda offers a strong balance between strategy, creativity and professional delivery.” - Kate Ballenden (Gaia Art Circles)

“Our visual marketing has improved by a mile stone. Thank you for your patience and great work at all times!” - Annica (Annica’s Designer Cakes)

"We are constantly in need of graphics and artwork to support our marketing and product development needs, and Conceptual Design has always been there as a solid, innovative and resourceful collaborator. Hulda is professional, friendly and, most importantly, extremely creative." - Colin Skelton (Soylites)

“The quality of your work is outstanding. We always make reference to the content, layout and design of your products and I have to tell you it’s a tough act to follow.” - Phelelia Sekele (Sci Bono)

“Thanks to the brand identity that Conceptual Design created for us, Enchanted is growing every day. With this, we can now communicate and market our products with confidence.” - Christa Engelbrecht (Enchanted)




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